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PixelFactor 2.0 update

After a decade of not having control of my domain I, to my surprise was able to buy the domain back!

Over the next few weeks I plan on posting some interesting travel stories, old mixes hosted on v1.0 blog and some new updates about happenings in my life as a lot has changed.

In 2007 when leaving Trend Micro in the UK I landed a great job working with ROOR handling marketing and collaborations for the infamous German brand in the United States. This led into starting HSO and eventually Sovereign Fields with my business partner and best friend Ryan. Through ups, downs we are still at it having fun and pushing boundaries managing a global brand.

Sadly my mentor, homie and Dad Jurgen passed in August of 2020. 10 years of dialysis and battling health issues came to an end with no more suffering or pain. I miss him and think of him every single day. I’m reminded daily via his teachings and ways to do good, work hard and always try my best. My mother, the family matriarch is one of the strongest people I know…we both miss papa so.

Personally I’ve been blessed with a perfect life partner and now FIANCE Kara!!! After 10 years of dating I did the most sensible thing ever…asked my best friend/girlfriend to marry me. Luckily she said YES!

Well, for now that’s enough updates. Have fun & make sure to do it again!!


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